Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to satisfy the diverse hair and skincare needs of our customers, utilizing advanced formulations, leading-edge techniques and carefully curated ingredients, that will offer the highest level of nourishment.


​Our Vision

To become notable for crafting healthy and effective products designed specifically to nurture, nourishand rebalance the hair and skin.


Our Core Values

We ensure product effectiveness. Our products do what we say they do.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:
We believe in dreaming big; dreams that get us outside our comfort zone.

We evaluate all ingredients for safety, keeping in mind those especially vulnerable and womenwith highly- sensitive skin.

Continual improvement:
We continue to pursue self-development. We never feel like we have arrived. No matter how successful one might be, there is always room for improvement.

Our products are manufactured from advanced formulas using the latest technologies,ingredients and processes.


Our Services

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We go above and beyond for our customer & happiness. We want to help enhance their self- confidence and put their best foot forward. We know they want to eradicate bad hair days and dull skin and we are totally in for it. To serve our customers better, we actively source our ingredients responsibly.

Our Customers

Our product range caters to men and women of any hair or skin type.

Whatever the hair or skin concerns are, Djanillie’s products are ready to help replenish, rebalance and protect you all day. 



At Djanillie’s, we never compromise on ingredients or techniques. We emphasize high-quality ingredients that are time-tested, safe, efficacious and vegan-friendly to achieve proven results. Our ingredients are thoroughly researched, and products carefully designed. Ingredients used must be beneficial to product effectiveness, we, therefore, do not use ingredients regarded as unsafe such as parabens, phthalates, sulfates Chloride etc... Our techniques are unparalleled, leaving you with consistently high-quality products every single time. Each product is intentionally and strategically crafted to create the beauty solution our clients desire.


Product Efficacy

Our products are guaranteed to deliver 100% satisfaction. Djanillie’s haircare products will help fight breakage, excess dryness and unhealthy hair by softening, moisturizing, hydrating, and enhancing the all-around appearance of your hair. Our skincare line is formulated to revitalize, rebalance, nurture, nourish and give your skin a supple and ageless glow. Our products will leave your hair and skin feeling pampered, luscious, healthy and ageless. Explore and enjoy our nourishing range of hair and skin care products.