Giving Back To the Haitian Community

Djanillie's Beaute is a natural hair and skin care product company that has a big heart for others. The company gives back 30% of its profits every year to help support rural farming in Haiti. This impoverished country struggles to provide basic amenities to its people, and many Haitians depend on farming to survive. By giving back, Djanille's Beaute hopes to make a difference in the lives of others.

About Djanillie's Beaute

Specializing in natural, non-toxic ingredients for their beauty and hair supplies, Djanillie's Beaute is passionate about creating high-quality products that are safe and effective for everyone. By avoiding harmful substances, like parabens, sulfates chlorides, and others, Djaunillie's Beaute hopes to not only provide great hair and skin products, but also hopes to leave no lasting effects on the environment.

The hair and skin products themselves are designed to boost moisture and hydration, soothe dry skin and hair, and offer revitalization where it's needed most. From fighting breakage to providing nourishment, your skin and hair will glow and feel soft once again. Being vegan-friendly, the hair and skin care treatments will offer protection while providing you with beauty.


About Haiti

Haiti is a small Caribbean country of around 11 million people. It has a long history as countries fought for control over this tiny island nation. Today, almost half of all Haitians work in agriculture, and it relies on imports for half of its food needs. Tourism has grown to take advantage of Haiti's beautiful climate and white, sandy beaches. Haiti has been rocked by earthquakes and hurricanes in the past decade or so, increasing the need of its people.


Every beauty, hair, and skin care product that you purchase from Djanillie's Beaute will benefit the Haitian people. Not only can you receive an incredible hair and skin care treatment, but you will also be giving back to the Haitian community as they strive to improve their country and lives. Shop with us today!