What are humectants and moisture-binders?

What are humectants and moisture-binders?

Your skin comes into contact with the polluted environment every day. Even the least exposure to dry air can make your skin dull and lifeless causing wrinkles and dry patches to appear. Humectants and moisture-binders are the primary ingredients found in skincare products that combat dryness and restore the natural moisture of your skin. 

In today's post, we will shed light on humectants and moisture-binders that play a key role in keeping your skin and hair moisturized. 

What are Humectants? 

Humectants are a moisturizing agent found in shampoos, lotions, and other hair and skincare products. This moisturizing agent has the ability to preserve moisture while still maintaining the product's overall properties. Here's a list of a few natural humectants:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Sodium Lactate 
  • Glycerin
  • Honey
  • Aloe Vera 
  • Tremella Fuciformis Extracts (extracted from Tremella mushrooms)
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids, 
  • Sodium PCA,
  • Polyethylene Glycols, etc.,  

These ingredients help prevent wrinkle formation and act as a form of protection for your skin as you get older.  

Though all humectants are beneficial to your hair and skin, not all humectants are the same. It's also critical to keep an eye out for other ingredients in a product's formula that might negate the humectant's benefits. 

How do humectants work? 

Humectants are water-attracting magnets. They extract moisture from the air into your skin's upper layer to keep it hydrated and moisturized.

When applied to your hair, humectants function in a similar way. They aid in the absorption and retention of moisture in your hair. Nevertheless, not all humectants are produced equal. Some of them specifically hydrate the skin and hair. Others assist with the removal of dead skin cells in order to balance the skin's moisture levels. 

Furthermore, not all humectants are suitable for both skin and hair. This is why humectants used in skin and hair products are likely to vary. 

How to Apply Humectants? 

Here's the right way to apply humectants:

  • Apply the humectant moisturizer immediately after you take a bath, while your skin is still damp. 
  • Take a small amount of the humectant moisturizer and rub it into your palm before applying it.
  • In case you are using any skin medication, apply it first, followed by the moisturizer.
  • Apply the humectant moisturizer in a downward direction.
  • Avoid rubbing it in circles or in an up-and-down motion.
  • Always leave a film of moisturizer on the skin and let your skin absorb it. 

The Role of Moisture-binders 

Moisture binders are specially designed to lock in all of the moisture and nutrients from hair and skin care products such as serum, skin hydration gel, and so on. Moisture-binders keep your skin healthy and moist besides strengthening your skin's defensive mechanism by providing strong moisture effects.  

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