Skin Care for Sun Damaged Skin This Summer

Skin Care for Sun Damaged Skin This Summer


We are at the height of summer. By this time, you may already have a “healthy tan” from basking under the sun. But as much as it feels good to lay by the pool, beach, or in the kiddie inflatable in your backyard, you should be aware of the harmful effects that the sun’s UV rays on your skin. If you’ve forgotten about it or think you’re still too young for sun damage to be a concern, it’s time to reconsider. Premature wrinkles, dark spots, and loss of elasticity are the primary effects of UV rays and they affect your skin regardless of your age, gender, or race.

You can still turn things around though. If you’re willing to change your ways and follow these steps, you can still reverse the effects. Our skin has the capacity to renew itself, and with a little help and patience, it will be good as new.

  1. Remove dead skin cells to make room for new cells to grow. Exfoliation helps in skin rejuvenation by removing unwanted surface debris. Through this process, darkened skin layers are also removed, along with brown pigments on your skin. Our Micro-Derm Exfoliating Scrub is an effective facial treatment that gently sloughs away dead skin cells, as it infuses skin with essential nutrients and antioxidants that brighten and smoothen it, revealing a more radiant tone and texture.
  2. Use a Vitamin A derivative retinoic acid cream or Retinol to reverse the signs of premature aging caused by the sun’s UV rays. Regular application greatly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin elasticity, as it encourages faster collagen regeneration. Try our  Retinol 0.5 Resurfacer Serum
  3. Use a Vitamin C and Niacinamide serum to renew skin cells. We all know that Vitamin C is needed for strong bones and a healthy immune system. It also works to rejuvenate skin. Luminate Corrective Serum is rich in Vitamin C and reverses the signs of premature skin aging. It also contains licorice and natural skin brighteners that protect skin from further damage, plus natural antioxidants from green tea extract.

REMEMBER: While you are using these treatments, sunscreen with the right SPF formulation is a must. Avoid sun exposure between 8AM to 4PM when the sun’s UV rays can do the most damage. This holds true even when it is cloudy or during autumn and winter.




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