Do you always wonder why your hair won't grow faster?

Searched for many hair growth tips, tried different products and even asked your friends and neighbours but nothing really worked.

If this is your case then Don't Worry, you are in the right place.

Since Curly Hair is more vulnerable to breakage and damage it takes a little extra attention and care from your side.

With the right care, you can grow your curls faster, longer, and thicker, continue reading this article to know the 5 Growth Tips, among all last one is a magical tip!


1) Trim Hair Ends Regularly

Trim Hair Ends Regularly

How often do you cut your hair ends when you are trying to grow it?

If you don't trim regularly then strands will become older and weaker and thus tend to have more split ends which makes your hair more difficult to grow.

Frequent trims make your curls grow faster.

Regularly trimming your curls will remove split ends and damage which makes your curls break less and grow longer in less time.

And trying out different hair cut styles will make you feel good and boosts your self-esteem which in turn makes you feel beautiful.

So, consider getting frequent trims for your hair.


2) Minimize Heat Styling

 Minimize Heat Styling

Avoid excess heat exposure which changes the protein structure of the hair.

This makes your hair weak and leads to breakage thus making it still difficult to grow.

If you still want to use any styling tools then you can consider applying any heat protection product or any serum so that it will protect your hair from heat and damage.

One more important point, try to avoid excess blow-drying.

Blow drying will also lead to dry and damaged hair instead, you can add a diffuser to minimize the direct heat contact or use any hair cream before blow-drying.

3) Relax and Eat Healthy Food⁣⁣

Relax and Eat Healthy Food⁣⁣

Stress plays a major role in our health as well as in hair growth.⁣⁣
Stress can trigger a large number of hair follicles to rest phase and within few months the affected hair will come out easily while combing, styling, or washing, leading to hair loss.⁣⁣
Thus, it is very important for you to relax and opt for yoga, meditations, exercise, or gym to relieve stress.⁣⁣
To keep your hair healthy, you should keep your body healthy, eat healthy food, and stay healthy.⁣⁣
Try to add healthy food into your diet which promotes hair growth. Foods rich in proteins, vitamins like E, D, B12, iron-rich foods, etc.⁣⁣

4) Avoid Tight Buns and Ponytails

Relax and Eat Healthy Food⁣⁣

People with curly hair must avoid putting on tight ponytails and tight buns, this will cause breakage and severely damage your hair.

Putting it occasionally is fair enough but if you are doing it very frequently then it will wear and tear your curls.

You can put up a loose bun or loose ponytail.

Try to avoid harsh-raw rubber bands and bands with metal pieces instead you can use any non-tangle hair bands or ties.


5) Use a Hair Growth Serum

Using a hair growth serum prevent your hair from damage caused by heat, styling tools, dust, and pollution by forming a protective coat on your hair.

It also nourishes your hair and promotes hair growth.

You need one hair growth serum that can-do wonders for your hair.


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